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EIGRP - Posted at 14:59 on 20/1/2007 by @lfons


To enable EIGRP on the router you simply need to enable eigrp and define a network number. This is done as follows:

Router# conf t
Router(config)# router eigrp
Router(config-router)# network

Optionally, but not normally, you can disable auto-summarization by adding:

Router(config-router)# no auto-summary

You can also enable authentication, change the hello interval and hold times, and change split-horizon if you want from the eigrp configuration.


There are a few commands you will want to use to verify EIGRP is running correctly:

  • show ip interface brief - Used to verify your interface status.
  • show ip route - It is useful to see the results of EIGRP in your actual routing table.
  • show ip route eigrp - This lets you view the routes that EIGRP is handling.
  • show ip eigrp neighbors - Verify that all of your neighbors are coming up and being seen. If your neighbors aren't here, don't bother troubleshooting the routes you are supposed to be transmitting because you aren't at that stage yet.
  • show ip eigrp traffic - This is useful to see that EIGRP traffic is behing passed back and forth between neighbors. Often with EIGRP, the problems that occur are related to other things besides EIGRP

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